The Project

The Project

The Game Comp Erasmus project is an ambitious and innovative initiative designed to enhance sustainability competencies among youth through the power of gamified learning. Our mission is to contribute significantly to the capacity of youth workers, enabling them to prepare young people for the green transition. By integrating educational games and interactive tools, we aim to make learning about sustainability both effective and engaging.

General Objective

Our overarching goal is to increase the capacity of youth workers to equip young people with the skills and knowledge necessary for the green transition.

Specific Objectives

To achieve our general objective, we have set the following specific goals:

Equip Youth Workers: Provide youth workers with support tools to assess and enhance young people’s sustainability competencies.

Innovative Educational Resources: Develop and offer game-based educational resources to improve sustainability competencies.

Empower Youth: Enable young people to become proactive agents of change for environmental and sustainable development.

Key Activities

To reach these objectives, the project encompasses a series of well-structured activities:

Expected Results

The Game Comp Erasmus project aims to deliver tangible and impactful outcomes:

Gamified Assessment Tool: An innovative tool to evaluate and enhance young people’s proficiency in sustainability competencies.

Educational Games and Workshop Scenarios: A suite of 60 digital educational games and 60 workshop scenarios designed to cover each of the 12 competencies in GreenComp.

Empowered Youth Workers: At least 250 youth workers will be equipped with cutting-edge resources and tools for sustainability education.

Empowered Youth: A minimum of 200 young people will be empowered to act as agents of change, driving environmental and sustainable development initiatives.

By addressing key priorities such as environmental awareness, climate change, and youth employability, the Game Comp Erasmus project directly contributes to the EU Youth Strategy’s Goal 10: Sustainable Green Europe. Our innovative approach leverages game-based learning to create a dynamic and engaging educational experience that not only raises awareness but also inspires action among young people and youth workers alike.

Join us as we pave the way for a sustainable future, empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders in environmental stewardship and sustainability.