Our Partners

KUBI was founded in 1993 by Turkish and German members as an non-profit NGO registered in Frankfurt am Main. The aim is to improve the educational and professional integration opportunities of young people, regardless of their country of origin, and to promote understanding that transcends cultural boundaries. On this basis, projects have emerged under the umbrella of KUBI in the last 30 years, representing a combination of the work of young people living in Germany and the professional assistance they need in Germany, as well as the experience of previous generations. Particular attention is paid to the persistently high unemployment among young people, especially youth with a migrant background, in University or vocational training, and the vocational training problems often associated with it. Today, KUBI is operating as gGmbH (Non Profit Company) in the Hessen Region with its over 200 staff. KUBI has emerging profile in Erasmus+!

Lascò is an Innovative SME that designs human-centred innovation and digital transformation strategies for corporates, education providers, and public entities. Member of the Digital Working Groups of the European Commission’s Harnessing, Lascò implements upskilling and reskilling initiatives in the EU, promoting digital, green and lifelong competencies. Through its Young Changemakers Program, the organisation empowers new generations with innovative thinking, sustainability competencies and digital literacy. 

KEAN is an open social youth association, founded in 2004, that fights for universal human values, peace, progress, prosperity and the protection of the environment. It fights for the democracy, for safeguarding the rights of young people to work, for the environment, quality of life and social liberation, within the framework of a modern democratic and pluralistic society. KEAN believes in the values of freedom, democracy, equality, social justice and solidarity and seeks the fullest possible development of the personality of individual. Our purpose is to defend young people’s right to life, in particular, in the environment and working conditions and also to create an alternative model of daily life management that will have at its center the development of the personality and the release of the creative powers hidden within each young person, each human being.

AGIS, NOTE et INNOVE (ANI International) is a non-profit association founded in Paris by international SciencePo students in 2002. At its core,

ANI’s purpose was to educate on citizenship, to raise awareness about social inclusion, to promote diversity and interculturality in affirming

personal identities, to better socio professional integration, and to encourage international cooperation and solidarity.

Nowadays ANI works in 3 main fields: social inclusion, international solidarity and non formal and informal learning.

The main mission is to mobilize and support citizens from different backgrounds; especially women, migrants, offenders, dropouts, people living in marginalised areas and coming from disadvantaged background in Paris, France, Europe and in Africa. 

Femxa is a training company specialized in training for employment, aimed at companies, public administration, consulting, training centers and individuals. Its goal is to increase the competitiveness of organizations, employability, and professional qualification of people. With more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of training plans in different business sectors, Femxa participates in all the processes involved in the teaching-learning process, from the analysis of the training needs to the design of the training plan, through the development of materials, the selection of teaching experts, the delivery of training activities, financial management and dissemination of the projects.